Bundle BBQ

Elevate your BBQ experience with our gourmet truffle-infused condiments and white truffle drops.

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Transform your barbecue into a gourmet feast with the Bundle BBQ from Urbani Truffles UK. This exclusive set brings together premium truffle-infused condiments and luxurious white truffle drops to enhance your grilling creations. The bundle includes:
  1. Truffle Mustard (90g): Add a sophisticated twist to your BBQ with our truffle mustard, featuring the rich flavor of truffles blended into a classic mustard base. Perfect for burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches.
  2. Truffle Ketchup (90g): Elevate your favorite BBQ dishes with our truffle ketchup, combining the tangy sweetness of ketchup with the earthy essence of truffles. Ideal for fries, grilled meats, and more.
  3. Gocce di Tartufo Bianco (55ml): Infuse your BBQ delicacies with the delicate and aromatic notes of white truffles using our white truffle drops. A few drops are all it takes to add a touch of luxury to your grilled vegetables, steaks, and seafood.
The Bundle BBQ is designed for BBQ enthusiasts who seek to bring gourmet flair to their outdoor cooking. Perfect for summer gatherings, this set ensures your barbecue is a memorable culinary experience.

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